We have been on the point of ordering the pulling apart from the wings so we could appear inside-meaning a loss of a huge number of dollars-when we stumbled on the secret on the sound. The bar in the cockpit had broken free and throughout the speed trial the vibration in the thundering engines worked it back along the floor. Amongst the cockpit plus the cabin there was a five-inch step. As we raced at complete speed, the 120-pound bar had made the drop for the wooden floor below, the sound reverberating within the cabin just like the crash of a giant timber and naturally giving us a fine scare tag watches replicas .

A TEST pilot, who dangers his life in untried planes, has to be ready for something. The surprise might be a false alarm or perhaps a desperate crisis. In the world of flying guys, he plays a role replete with thrills and drama, which he has to treat as ordinary mechanical happenings tag watches replica swiss . He's using the sky for his laboratory in perform that plays its part in bringing much better planes.

MORE fine articles on the way from this good flying man. Watch for them in early difficulties of Well-liked Science Monthly. -The Editor.

Capt. Courtney's Five Rules FOR TEST FLYING

1 tag watches replica watch . . . Weigh the plane to become sure it's in excellent balance ahead of trying to take off.
2. . . Sit in the cockpit, switching on and off the ignition and fuel till these emergency movements turn out to be instinctive.
3. . . Be certain the controls are hooked up appropriately by "waggling" the stick.
4. . . Select a large field for the initial tests so there might be a lot of space to maneuver in an emergency.
5. . . By no means take an untried plane up unless the air is calm.

Inside a flash I was hurled forward against the double security strap I generally wear in testing planes. The ship dropped like a stone. I've no notion how far we fell prior to I found the lever and pulled the flap inside. It had worked also nicely. As you realize, the upper surface of a wing contributes two thirds with the lift and also the below surface 1 third. That is the result of air currents forming a partial vacuum above by the wing curve. The flap had disturbed these lifting currents as well as formed sudden added resistance. If it had popped out near the ground in landing, the ship would have dropped like a lead pancake.

The effect of this flap was specifically opposite that from the Handley-Page wing-slots which I tested early in 1922. These narrow auxiliary wings in front from the key supporting surfaces preserve the air currents going steadily more than the top rated of the wings even at low speeds. This prevents the pilot from losing handle and going into a tail spin that may well finish within a crash.

AS I appear back on my fifteen years of test flying I believe one of the most significant scares in all my experiences was over a thing that in no way happened.

I was testing the "Awana," a giant troopship, after the war. This folding-winged monster could carry more than twenty soldiers at a load. On the test flight, we placed 120-pound bars of lead within the cabin to represent the guys, and one particular bar inside the pilot's compartment to take the spot with the navigator. On the final test, a speed run, the chief engineer went along tag watches fakes . With throttles wide open we roared down the field 200 feet above the ground. Going two miles a minute, we heard a terrific crash behind us. We believed the principle wing spar had broken. I cut almost everything. Every breath, I expected the wings to crumple and hurl us for the ground. We have been inside a cold sweat when the wheels touched and we were safe. The instant the plane stopped rolling, we piled out, going more than the wings, fuselage, and tail. Nothing at all was incorrect.

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