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This is a tough situation, and really depends on who you want to have walk you down the aisle. Since you seem close to your stepfather and he's been important in your life, it would be pretty special to have him by your side. Maybe instead, have your stepfather be up front to give you away.

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I am dealing with the exact same thing. I am afraid I will cause an uproar in the family if I don't have my dad walk me down the aisle so I decided to just have BOTH of them walk me down the aisle. My step father is aware of my feelings and completely understands. °™Shauna M.

I think this is YOUR day and you should have the person you want walking you down the aisle. It may cause an uproar, but when you look at pictures don't you want to see the person who meant so much to you walking you down the aisle rather than someone you really didn't want doing it! I think the moment and the memory will be sweeter if you choose the person who has more meaning in your life. °™Kelsey D.

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What should I do about having a father, that I don't speak to much, and a step-father who I speak to all the time... mystep-dad is in a wheelchair, so it may be difficult for him to "walk" me down the aisle, ralph lauren sheets outlet (beach/grass lawn). Whats the appropriate way to address the situation ? °™Vanessa E.

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